Casinos Of All Times

Casinos are fun –the games, the music, the food, the overall ambience – it just takes you off to a different world. Casinos have now become an essential part of vacation itineraries, with people actually heading to casino hotspots around the globe. Here’s a list of the top casinos in the world – if you’re planning to include it in your next vacation – read on:


Sands, Macau:

There’s a reason why Macau is emerging as the top gambling destination in the world. With luxurious casinos like the Sands, Macau will be soon in a position to be tagged as the Casino capital of the world! 229,000 square feet of sheer indulgence of luck, this casino boasts of 750 gaming machines. The wide variety of games here is what draws gamblers from around the world to this famed casino – what are you waiting for?

Sands, Macau

Tusk Rio Casino Resort:

A stunning place to enjoy a vacation, the Tusk Rio casino has all the required facilities to make your vacation a memorable one. And these facilities include a huge casino too! Spread across 266,330 square feet, you have a lot of gaming options and machines to try your hand at gambling here. Located in South Africa, it is officially the fifth largest casino in the world – and you haven’t yet visited this stunner?


Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa:


casino boasts

Probably the biggest casino in Atlantic City, the Borgata Hotel Casino is spread over a sprawling 161,000 square feet! Imagine the space dedicated to come up with this glamorous casino, which is indeed every gambler’s dream come true! With 4100 gaming machines on the floor and a variety of games, it’s a typical casino with the glitz and glamour in right amounts. A visit to this place is a must, especially if you’re already in the Atlantic City!


MGM Grand Las Vegas:

Can we even escape from not mentioning Las Vegas in this list? With 2300 gaming machines spread across 177,000 square feet. Along with a plethora of 178 games to choose from, you’re well covered here with the number of bars here (almost 20) and also a huge number of hotel rooms (just in case you decide to stay back). A perfect fit for every gambler, with MGM Grand ticking all the boxes of a great casino!


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