Author • Model • Designer and Film Producer

Melissa Michaels – a multi-talented entrepreneur, model, author, designer and film producer – continues to leave her mark across various genres. She is the insightful author of A Look Within and A Look Within, Volume 1. When not writing Melissa focuses on her clothing line, Inpeloto BodyWear, in which she designs eco-friendly t-shirts, hoodies, caps and t-shirt purses made from 100% organic cotton, recycled material and bamboo. Inpeloto BodyWear are clothes with a message with powerful designs that make bold, conscious and positive proclamations. Inpeloto is an acronym that stands for: INfinite, PEace, LOve, TOgetherness. Inpeloto LLC comprises of clothes, jewelry, music, books and film. Melissa is also one of four producers for “Fiddler in the Darkness” which is considered an art-house film, with the premise that art heals and breathes life into the dead.

How do you maintain balance and achieve happiness in your life?

I maintain balance by meditating, praying, working out daily. I try to stay in a prayful state of mind throughout the day. Happiness is a choice. Therefore, I choose to have the best day everyday. I just started learning how to surf. I love, love the water. My endorphines released throughout my body keeps me naturally intoxicated. Besides, the first thing I do when I wake up is to say “Good Morning God”.

The challange of achieving optimal health and wellness as a woman of color

Presently, I think the challenges facing sisters are the traditional way of cooking, eating, failure to exercise, frustration in corporate America, and sterotypes. All of which can be frustrating. It’s crucial to make the right choices which will lead to optimal health and wellness. Cook healthy, eat healthy. Exercise. If you hate your job and feel trapped in your career, start figuring out what makes your heart sing and brings money you need and want to live comfortably.

Sterotypes: there are many beautiful sisters but still not on the cover of magazines in abundance. We have to either buy the magazine company or develop magazines. Make the conscious choice to keep it positive. Forgive quickly and let go of the silliness immediately. The negativity will inevitably spill over into your physical being.